Saturday, September 13, 2008

Giving Something Back

Back when I was still a teacher at Ateneo High School, I'd always advise my students to get their degrees, find a fulfilling job, be good partners, raise wonderful children, and...give something back to the country. Blame Ateneo for molding me to think this way. :)

I have been fortunate to be exposed to numerous people who have selflessly given back to the country. For those involved in the eSkwela Project in particular, I salute the following for "giving back":
  • the mobile teachers and instructional managers who have selflessly gone beyond the minimum to educate their learners (wherever they are) and look after their welfare
  • the center and lab managers who have gone out of their way to ensure the centers' sustainability
  • the instructional designers and content developers who have tirelessly worked on instructionally sound, interactive elearning modules
  • the SUC project managers who have been passionately working with us and have stuck it out despite all the challenges
  • the project consultants who have patiently and wholeheartedly shared their invaluable expertise and precious time
  • the project team for hanging in there

To give and not to count the cost. To toil and ask not for reward.

Thank you for believing in the project.

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