Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Team to Beat!

eSkwela has a great project team! Coupled with dedicated partners, this makes my role as the project manager a lot more manageable. True, the project has a long way to go - with all the possibilities and opportunities to enhance its design and widen its reach. But with such a great team working on the project, it makes the task less daunting.

I'm so happy with the recently concluded eSkwela Team Action Planning because the team members showed that they have really internalized their respective roles and responsibilities - admittedly, with much room to grow. We do have our numerous ups and downs, accomplishments and challenges, successes and frustrations - but hey! we're definitely making progress.

One thing I love about the group is that we're not afraid to learn from external experts and from each other - no airs, no hang-ups. What matters is we're constantly on the lookout to make the project work. And yes, we do know how to have fun in our own simple ways (sweldong gobyerno po...heheh!).

Para sa Bayan ito - go eSkwela Team! =D

And to all the eSkwela partners and collaborators - I'd just like to reiterate that the project won't survive without you...thank you for being there.

Ever so grateful,

P.S. I have yet to get a good team photo to post, so bear with this one for now...