Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the eSkwela Blog

Hello, welcome to the eSkwela Blog. Here you can read up on recent developments related to the eSkwela Project - in blog fashion. Every now and then, do expect a stream of unadulterated and less structured ideas and thoughts from the Project Team as they go through the task of establishing eSkwela Centers all over the archipelago. Be it on eSkwela's project management, content development, community mobilization, teacher training, monitoring and evaluation, ICT use - you will find it here at The eSkwela Blog.

I apologize for the rather straightforward name of our blog. We will make it up on the content.

We do hope that by maintaining this blog, the eSkwela Project Team can share the skill and experience it has and will inevitably acquire, and will be a well of creative ideas to educators, government/NGO/development workers, project implementers, ICT and e-learning advocates, and YOU.

For starters, below is the textbook definition of eSkwela:

eSkwela Project, a word play on the Filipino equivalent of "school", is a flagship project of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), through its Human Capital Development Group (HCDG), that is envisioned to provide ICT-enhanced educational opportunities for Filipino out-of-school-youth and adults. The initiative responds directly to a national development priority and will bring e-learning opportunities and ICT for learning resources to mobile teachers / instructional managers and out-of-school learners in the Philippines in an exciting, innovative, and locally meaningful way.

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