Monday, November 2, 2009

eSkwela-Kalumpang Ravaged by Ondoy

Who would’ve thought that on September 26, 2009, the loss of many lives and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people will occur?

Typhoon Ondoy was initially thought of like anyone of the hundreds of storms to hit the country. Little did people know the catastrophe that lay ahead. Ondoy has managed to strike the county bringing along with it a month's worth of rainfall to Metro Manila and nearby areas in just a few hours. People were left unprepared and were simply at a loss when the storm has finally shown its true effect.

A lot of cities were submerged in floodwater. Cars were left floating in the street. Transportation was in chaos. Friends and families were out trying to get hold of their loved ones’ whereabouts. Everything was simply amiss.

In Barangay Kalumpang, Marikina where a newly established eSkwela center was located, water level ranged from knee deep to over first floor houses. At the center itself, everything was in morbid disarray with mud all over the place. Items are still there but they are no longer usable or cannot even be repaired. Computer units and its peripherals such as speakers, headsets and the likes were all covered in mud and so were the records, books, modules, tables, and chairs.

What could’ve been a fun and innovative way of ICT-based learning was put to a halt. The center’s learning facilitator, Ms. Ivy Coney Gamatero, had to work hard on restoring normalcy. What with the out of school youth and adult learners bent on passing the Accreditation and Equivalency Exam, they had to make do with what they have. Below is a picture showing the eSkwela-Kalumpang before and after the typhoon has staked its claim.

Despite the disruption and material losses felt, they were happy that everyone is safe and lives were spared. Right now they are still trying to get the support of anyone, including their local partners and stakeholders, who would be willing to impart computers, cash, or any form of donation. Learning sessions may take some time before it can be back to its regular scheme but as far as everyone’s concerned, tomorrow is another day to stand tall and face the new challenges that await.


ana said...

hi! how can i get in touch with eSkwela? how much do you charge? what is your schedule like? what are your requirements for enroless? there is an OSY who is our friend and we would very much like for her to get back to schooling with a flexible schedule since she has to work at the same time. she is 19 and has completed grade 6 level. her name is rowena.

i am ana fernandez of marikina
thank you.

mel said...

hi po.

you could refer to this link for the contact information on the different eSkwela sites.

for marikina, since the site was ravaged by ondoy as you read in the blog, the eSkwela operations is temporarily suspended...although the ALS A&E program is still ongoing.

hope this helps

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klh said...

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